Misdirection by Wayne Dobson

with additional material by Mike Sullivan



40 years in the making. This effect is based on the Milbourne Christopher classic.

When Wayne was 18, he came up with a routine for what is known as the Sign, or Magic Compass. At the time he felt he was too young to perform it as the patter didnít suit his age. Wayne forgot about it and went on to become a superstar! After a session with Michael Fitch, his memory was ignited and with the help of Mike Sullivan, came up with a new routine and killer kicker ending that your audience will love.

The whole routine, including the gags, specially made gimmick and performance rights making this a suitable opening routine for anybody! So whether your a magician, entertainer or compere, you wonít go ďwrongĒ with Misdirection.



Sexting by Wayne Dobson



A brand new variation of Wayneís hilarious classic routine ďThe Sex TrickĒ. New gags. New Handling. Complete with cards, performance rights and PDF instructions sent directly to you after ordering.

"This is the absolute best comedy/magic effect from Dobson. Itís clever. Itís easy to perform. You canít help but get laughs out of it. I have done it on Broadway for the entire season. The producer of Illusionists, when he first saw me do it, said 'Itís brilliant' and heís seen it all"

Jeff Hobson 2016



Paulís Balls by Paul Martin

with additional ideas by Wayne Dobson



DTrik is proud to present Paulís Balls : The Tossed Out Lottery Book Test. Created by one of the UKís busiest working magicians, Paulís Balls is a great trick that can be used anytime in your act. Not just for stage, you can also use this effect for close up and walk-around too. If you wanted to do a lottery prediction type effect but was unable to buy or justify spending heaps of money on a ďdeviceĒ, then you canít go wrong with Paulís Balls.

This effect as everything; drama, magic, mind reading and audience participation. The presentation is entirely hands off!

Comes complete with pocket sized lottery book, routine, gags and performance rights.

David Stone -
"Paul's Balls are Big! ...Really Big ...trust me"

Etienne Pradier -
"I love this trick, it has gone straight in my working act! It's so easy to do"

Nick Einhorn -
"Paul's created a frighteningly good mentalism effect that anyone can perform, I've already found the perfect slot in my parlour routine"

Mark Williams -
"I'm always asked at gigs if I can predict the lottery numbers ....and now I can - Thanks for releasing this Paul"

Jamie Raven -
"I can't tell you the pleasure I've had playing with Paul's Balls for the last few months"

Lee Hathaway -
"I was lucky to get this before it came out and I used it to great effect over all my Christmas Gigs, the reactions were great!"

Magic Singh -
"This is a real workers' effect that can be put into any act as an opener, filler or closer!"




Now available! This is the close up effect of the year...

Wayne Dobson Presents The Key


Inspired by Peter Crush. Designed by Alan Rorrison
Beautifully crafted! Comes complete with spare matching regular key.

"I have always loved this effect and Wayne's gimmick is awesome! The Key is a must have prop for any magician. Innocent looking and beautifully engineered. Well done Wayne for breathing new life into this modern day classic." - Peter Nardi

£64.99 in stock now!

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