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Stand Up Dobson DVD

Wayne Dobson is proud to present rediscovered archive TV performance footage of some of his finest stand up material, performed in his classic style in front of a live studio audience and on various TV show guest appearances. Now with the help of his right (and left) hand man Mike Sullivan, 7 powerful “Real World” effects are explained in detail, covering the methods and routining, in order for you to add them to your magic repertoire

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Now available! This is the close up effect of the year...

Wayne Dobson Presents The Key


Inspired by Peter Crush. Designed by Alan Rorrison
Beautifully crafted! Comes complete with spare matching regular key.

"I have always loved this effect and Wayne's gimmick is awesome! The Key is a must have prop for any magician. Innocent looking and beautifully engineered. Well done Wayne for breathing new life into this modern day classic." - Peter Nardi

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