3Sixty by Wayne Dobson - Now taking pre-orders!

3Sixty by Wayne Dobson is a revolutionary card to box effect. A perfect ending to your ambitious card routine. A small clear Perspex box with a folded card inside has been on display either on the table or in the spectators hand throughout your favourite card routine. A freely chosen signed card has disappeared from the deck. Nowhere to be found, there is only one place it can be! You offer the spectator to remove the lid from the box. The folded card is removed and found to be the spectators signed card.

Everything can now be fully examined!

• Instant Reset
• Made from high quality Perspex
• Perfect for Strolling/Close Up, however it is just as powerful on stage too!
• If you can do a Mercury Card Fold, you can do this trick. If you can’t we will show you a invaluable tip given to me by the master Tommy Wonder that makes the Mercury Card Fold so easy, it’s criminal.

"Wayne Dobson showed me this idea many years ago…it is brilliant! Wayne's creation is superior in many ways to other versions. 3Sixty is elegant, examinable, compact and easy to carry! In Short the ultimate solution to this staggering magic effect.
A sure fire closing effect for your show!"
Jeff McBride Las Vegas Headliner

"3Sixty is a totally new and original method for Bruno Henning's classic Card to Box effect and what a classy, clever, satisfying and thoroughly deceptive method it is. This is perfect for a formal close-up show but also versatile enough to use for table hopping gigs. The best thing is that the box is undeniably empty at the end and can be handed out for examination. There is nothing for them to see and nothing for them to find. I cant wait to add this to my set......another winner from the genius that is Wayne Dobson."
Nick Einhorn


"3Sixty is another brilliant idea from the creative mind of Wayne Dobson. It's a clever approach to the card in box theme using a transparent box that ends clean and is certain to be one of the most talked about effects of the year. I love that the box is small enough to use in a walk around situation and yet the effect is big enough to present in a small stage setting.”

Shawn Farquhar


"The best card in box ever, FULL STOP!”

Chris Dugdale


"...this will quickly become the standard that a card to impossibly location will be measured too!”

Alan Rorrison

Comes complete with everything you need to perform this miracle. Pre-Order before 31st October for
£34.99 and receive a free copy of Wayne’s new lecture notes which include the SEX trick! (est. release end of November 2014). Price after 31st October £39.99


Javelin By Wayne Dobson NEW!

Wayne Dobson’s Javelin is one seriously clever deck for the mentalist/Mind reader. Whether you are a close-up worker or stage performer, hobbyist or pro you will love ‘Javelin’

Imagine a tossed deck that can be examined and shuffled, A tossed deck that works equally good close-up as it does on stage. A tossed deck that allows you to name the exact card each spectator is thinking of.

Temporarily out of stock!


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Wayne Dobson'sexchange (AKA The SEX trick) Back in Stock!

"One the simplest and funniest routines I have ever done, Wayne Dobson is a genius."
Joe Pasquale

"Here is yet ANOTHER great routine from Wayne. I hope this one doesn't get noticed. I want to keep it for myself. This is GREAT!"
Jeff Hobson

"Wayne'S EXchange" has it all! Drama, comedy, mystery, surprise and yes SEX!"
Jeff McBride


The most talked about trick at Blackpool. The trick they all wanted, but could not get. Originally intended for Wayne's own use however after literally hundreds of requests Wayne has finally agreed to release this.
10 minutes of good 100% commercial comedy!

Can be adapted to suit any audience!

Easy to do!

Packs Small, Plays Big!

Comes complete with custom printed high-quality cards and DVD with the whole routine performed and fully explained by Wayne's special guest Michael J Fitch. Plus bonus ideas.

Remember when buying this trick you are purchasing the performing rights. You will also be paying for Sex! LOL!


Limited supplies after 6 months of being out of stock... 1st come 1st served.


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Once Upon a Time by Wayne Dobson NEW!

Wayne Dobson’s take on Simon Aronson’s Shuffleboard

You show two spectators a little booklet entitled "Once Upon a Time". The booklet is put to one side to be referred to later. You hand each spectator half of the pack of cards. Each spectator cuts their individual pile of cards into two; turns one of their piles over and then swaps the turned over pile with the other spectator.

Each spectator then shuffles the pile of cards they have been given with their remaining pile of cards. This can be done as many times as you like. The two piles are then shuffled together by one of the spectators to end up with a completely random deck of cards that contains a mixture of face up and face down cards.

You then hand over the booklet to one of the spectators and invite them to read each pageof the booklet followed by verifying what is read out by counting the cards. This confirms that the revelation on each page was, indeed, correct.

The great thing about this particular effect is that the magician never touches the cards!

This is self-working with an instant reset.

'Once Upon a Time' comes with a full colour 'Once Upon a Time' booklet and instructional DVD.

You will need to supply your own deck of cards.

Price £12.99


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Pocket Money By Wayne Dobson NEW!

A complete sell-out at Magic Live


We all know when magic happens in a spectators hand, it becomes more powerful. Pocket Money allows the magic to happen in a spectator POCKET. This is incredible for laymen to have a coin vanish from their own pocket leaves them speechless.

Five random coins from around the world, are removed from a small velvet bag. They are placed onto the table. The spectator is asked to pick them up and drop ALL FIVE into their pocket (ANY POCKET). After two seemingly impossible predictions, they are asked to remove the last coin from their pocket.

As crazy as it sounds the last coin has vanished from inside the spectators pocket, The reactions this gets are incredible. The last is found back inside the small velvet bag.

This routine is a typical piece of genius, from Wayne Dobson. Its simple, direct, mind-blowing magic.

Although Pocket Money is a complete set of five coins, The new handling allows you to change up to 4 of the coins, to any you wish from any country, so this is truly a global effect that makes sense in EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

The gimmick is made by our in house coin expert. It is extra powerful to make sure the gimmick engages every time.

Wayne Dobson has created countless pieces over magic over the last few decades. Many of these effects I have been involved in producing for the magic fraternity. Pocket Money might just be his best close up trick ever.

Your Pocket Money set includes:

4 Coins from around the world (all interchangeable)
1 Precision crafted gimmick
1 Velvet bag
1 Instructional DVD

"When you combine the inventiveness of Wayne Dobson withe demonstration skills of Mark Mason, you're usually in for a treat. And Pocket Money is just such a treat.
I've been able to try this out at a few holiday parties already, and the reactions from the spectator is what we dream off.

Highly recommended" - David Oliver, Dec 13, Genii Magazine review

Proce £50


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Second Chance by Wayne Dobson NEW!

A wickedly clever effect that's easy to do and really packs a punch! Second Chance is Wayne Dobson thinking at its best.

Wayne Dobson has a knack for invention knockout effects with great presentations, that are easy to do and Second Chance is one of his finest creations!

Without you even touching the deck, a spectator thinks of any card, removes it from the deck and hides it in their pocket. You then take another deck and claim that you are going to try and choose the same card that the spectator has hidden in their pocket. You remove one card and the spectator removes the card from their pocket, however it is NOT the same card. You ask for a Second Chance to prove that you have chosen the same card.

Turning over your card it is seen that the spectators 'Thought of Card' is written on the back, proving that it is the Same Card!

Sounds impossible? It's that good!

•100% Self Working.
•Regular Decks.
•No memory.
•Instant reset.

Wayne’s Second Chance comes with Second Chance Deck, (Supply your own second deck) full instructional DVD featuring additional ideas by Peter Nardi & Michael Sullivan.


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Hot Flush By Wayne Dobson NEW!

The magician shows five cards replicating a poker hand he was dealt. So, if you have the worst hand in poker and you are a magician, what do you do?

Exactly … you click your fingers and you have a royal flush!

Hot Flush is easy to do, ideal for the beginner, but don't be fooled by its simplicity. Professional magicians have been using 'Hot Flush' to fantastic reactions in the real world.

A gambling effect which won't take hours of practice to perfect, and will give you great reactions.
Custom made gimmick on Bicycle stock.


Custom made gimmick on Bicycle stock. £12.99


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Sub Zero By Wayne Dobson

The name says it all. Sub Zero is way beyond cool!!!! Sub Zero could be best solution to Paul Curry’s unsolved card problem ever devised.

Imagine a prediction so clean you show the spectator the card beforehand! Wayne Dobson's Sub-Zero is the definitive work on his fantastic Janus Card effect. Wayne along with Peter Nardi have taken this routine to the max with handlings for an awesome open prediction routine, A Card At Any Number, an ESP prediction, plus ideas for Trade Show's, Comedy & Kids shows. Everything is explained in great detail by Peter Nardi and all the routines are free from any sort of sleight of hand. Which means even the beginner can perform them!

Here is just one of the effects

A spectator is handed a deck of cards. They mix the cards thoroughly and place them on the table. You now show your prediction card (let's say the Queen Of Diamonds).

Explaining that your queen comes from a different deck you point out that the deck in front of them contains a matching Queen. Your spectators job is "Simple?" all she has to do is deal the cards into a face down pile, stopping only when she senses she is holding the Queen of Diamonds. You are both now committed to your cards. She slowly turns her card over and it matches your prediction 100%. Now as a final kicker you say "now that wouldn't be that impressive if all the cards were the same......Or would it?" you turn the rest of the deck over and they are all the 2 of Clubs.


Sub-Zero comes complete with the routine-packed instructional DVD and 3 fantastic Sub-Zero gimmicks. A card prediction gimmick, an ESP gimmick & a customisable gimmick.

*All you need to do is add your own regular, blank faced or one way deck. 


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Triplex by Wayne Dobson


A ball bearing, a dice, and a small clear acrylic rod are shown along with your prediction which is hidden behind a playing card and remains in full view at all times. The spectator chooses any object (No Force), let's say the dice is chosen. The playing card is removed and only one object is revealed, it's the D I C E!

This is a real 'Brain Fry' and uses no sleight of hand and resets immediately.


Price £20.00


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Big Revelation by Wayne Dobson

Wayne has come up with a winner that you will be sure to use time and time again.

You ask a spectator to THINK of ANY card in a deck (no force of any kind). You remove from your pocket a piece of paper showing a list of card values (no suits) which you ask them to concentrate on. You unfold the paper claiming that you can reveal the identity of the thought of card by asking a series of questions. A series of gag answers is then given to the spectator upon each new unfolding of the paper until you finally name the card that was merely thought of in the beginning.

To take the effect one step further you open the paper for one final time and there are a series of cards printed in a random scattering across the page. A second spectator is asked to glance over the cards and think of one. You then proceed to name the card that is being thought of by the second person.

This effect is easy to do, comes complete with props and an instructional DVD outlining the routine.

If you are looking for strong, commercial, fun and easy to do effect that packs a punch, The Big Revelation by Wayne Dobson is the one you’re looking for!

Ideal for close up or stage!


Comes complete with Instructional DVD and High Quality Full Colour prop.  £12.99


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SPECTRUM by Wayne Dobson

The genius that is Wayne Dobson has created a colour changing back packet effect that’s ideal for any close up performing situation. Nothing in card magic has more visual impact than a colour changing back plot...


Four of a kind are shown to have red backs. Two of the cards are placed in your spectator’s hand. One at a time the cards you are holding change back colour, then the same happens to the cards that are held by your spectator!

You are now left with four cards each with a completely different back colour.
You will not believe how easy Spectrum is to perform and how much impact it has on your spectators.

Spectrum is an effect you will put straight into your act!


Comes complete with DVD and customised bicycle cards.

Easy to do - instant reset!  £14.99


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ADD-ICT By Wayne Dobson


A complete sell-out at the Blackpool Convention!

Effect 1
A prediction is shown inside a small leather business card holder. A deck of cards is handed to the spectator, they can shuffle them. The spectator deals cards onto the magicians out-stretched hand. No force they stop ANYWHERE THEY LIKE. The card they stop on matches the prediction EXACTLY. The deck is shown EVERY CARD IS BLANK.

Effect 2
A card is shown inside a small leather business card holder. Any number is shouted out by a spectator. The spectator examines and shuffles a regular deck. The spectator deals down cards to their selected number. The card they arrive at matches the prediction inside the wallet.

Easy to do, you will love the method.

Comes complete with: Custom made leather business card holder. Blank gimmick card for routine one. Regular bicycle gimmick card for routine two. DVD with 2 routines plus bonus ideas and handling tips.


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Food for Thought by Wayne Dobson


You have 16 cards; each with a different food item displayed on them – this is your shopping list. The spectator mixes up the cards. The spectator then chooses one of the cards. This is done twice. You are then able to tell the spectator which two cards they have chosen without you having to look at the cards. Very impressive!

This is a great effect. You can adapt the patter to suit whatever theme, using food items, you wish. The cards are printed with a food item on one side and the receipt for all of the 16 food items on the reverse.

You can talk about how you purchased these 16 items, but had to return two items due to them being out of date, or of poor quality. The spectator chooses two items, at random, and then you reveal which two items were chosen by the spectator.

As a bonus, you can then reveal that you knew the total that was paid for these two items. As a ‘kicker’, that is just simply genius.

Very easy to perform.

You get:


A DVD with full explanations. 16 custom cards. £25.00


YouTube Video: Click Here

Split Personality by Wayne Dobson


The magician displays two sets of cards and a prediction. One pile of cards has last names of famous people the other pile has first names of famous people. Each pile is given to a spectator to shuffle.

The top card from each pile is placed on the table face down. When the two cards are turned over they are supposed to make up the full name of the famous icon, for example ‘Elvis’ and ‘Presley’. However, when the cards are turned over they don’t match. The names in question should have made up either Charlie Chaplin or Marilyn Monroe.

The trick appears to have gone wrong as the cards are turned over to reveal Charlie Monroe. The magician turns over this prediction to reveal... Charlie Monroe... an amusing photograph image morph between the two famous icons.

This effect is supplied with everything you need to perform and is 100% self working.


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TNT Reloaded by Wayne Dobson


TNT Reloaded is an effect by Wayne Dobson that has been bought back up to date and has been made it into an effect that can be easily carried around in your wallet at all times. TNT is a mind reading effect that utilises clever word play. It is nice in the fact that the spectator has a genuinely free choice on whether they want to change their mind and you will still always be correct. You get 4 'credit card' quality plastic cards that have been made specifically for this trick. The fact that the cards have 'THIS' , 'THAT' and 'NOTHING' printed on the cards leaves great scope for a humorous routine.

TNT or This, That Nothing was conceived after seeing the excellent effect "Free Will". In fact at the end of the routine is a wonderful subtlety that is used in Free Will!

Effect- You show a prediction card which you lay down on the table. You then show three black plastic cards which have the words THIS, THAT, NOTHING, written on each card respectively. The cards are turned face down so that the words cannot be seen and the spectator is told to shuffle the 3 cards. The spectator is given a choice of which card to hold, which card the magician should hold and which to leave on the table. Even when asked if the spectator wants to swap cards with the magician the prediction is always correct.

This mentalism effect is great as a carry round trick to perform at a moment’s notice, instantly resets, and is 100% Self Working.

Personal FX by Wayne Dobson


3 business cards are removed from a small leather holder. The cards are laid out in a row. Spectator puts their PHONE on ANY of the 3 business cards. Next they place their KEYS on either of the 2 remaining business cards. The last card goes back inside the wallet. As clean as it gets, the spectator flips over the business cards, they have written on the back. PHONE, KEYS and WALLET. Each item is in exactly the right place. This is so easy to do. A brilliant way to hand out your business card.


Please note that on the packaging it states that special cards are supplied. They are not, as You Don't Need Them! It's all done with your business cards.

Comes with DVD with full routine and bonus ideas along with Wayne's brilliant leather wallet.


Video: Click Here

Spot On by Wayne Dobson


A large domino is removed from a vinyl holder. The spots are magnetic and can be freely moved. You claim lots of people think that magic is done with mirrors. As you say this you remove a small mirror from within the holder. The spectator is asked to move the spots and make any domino they like. NO FORCE, no wording etc they move the spots anyway they like.

Let's assume they make a 4-2 domino. You say you had a prediction made before they chose their domino. I will prove that magicians use mirrors for their tricks. You stand the mirror in front of the domino saying look in the mirror and you will see my prediction.

This always gets a laugh or a groan. They are looking at a reflection of the 4-2 they made. Ok, but I did make a prediction. They turn over the domino and on the other side PRINTED is a 4-2 domino.

Sounds impossible but true, Fits into your pocket, no reset, spot on is always SPOT ON.

Easy to do, works every time. Comes with an instructional DVD.


Video: Click Here

Metamorphosis by Wayne Dobson


The East meets the West

From J B Magic comes a super clean super visual 2 coin transposition. 2 coins, 1 Chinese and 1 half dollar are examined by the spectator. The Chinese coin is placed inside the spectators closed hands and the half dollar onto the back of their hand. In the blink of an eye the 2 coins change places. Without any switches etc the 2 coins can instantly once again be examined.

Comes complete with all coins, a precision made gaff. A step by step instructional DVD teaches you everything you need to know and extra bonus handlings.


"Wayne's handling of this classic coin trick is the simplest, most direct and most mind boggling version I have seen. The moment of magic will create a sensation every time you perform it."

Nicholas Einhorn

Easy to do, perfect for strolling, instant reset, learn in 10 mins.
(£30.00) OUT OF STOCK


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An incredible REAL WORLD trick that makes layman shout out loud. 2 cards are signed, one blank faced card and one joker. Magician signs the blank card, the spectator signs the joker. The spectator is asked to keep his finger on the back of the joker he signed. The 2 cards magically change places. But wait, your signature also travels across and is now on the card they are holding.

Comes complete with specially printed gimmicks, extra cards and an instructional DVD.

Easy to do, no reset.


Video: Click Here

Coin Flux 2 - NOW WITH DVD!


The ultimate 'Matrix'. 3 Coins. 3 Cards. No sleight of hand. Just watch the coins melt away. If you are looking for a no move, unbelievable coin effect this is the one for you. Perform anywhere any time. Three coins all gather under one card without any pick up moves, extra coins, shells etc. This is a serious fooler.

This incredible effect comes complete with everything.


Video: Click Here


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