Wayne Dobson Presents Fifty Shades of Gold - Brand New!

50 Stagecraft Secrets

An A6 pocket sized booklet containing 50 stagecraft tips that will take your stage performance to the next level and beyond..

This booklet can be carried with you everywhere.. There is even a note section for you to make those all important notes….

In limited supply, make sure you order your Stagecraft booklet today!

Full colour cover, 24 page, A6 size..
Forward by Joe Pasquale

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Stand Up Dobson DVD - Brand New!

Wayne Dobson is proud to present rediscovered archive TV performance footage of some of his finest stand up material, performed in his classic style in front of a live studio audience and on various TV show guest appearances. Now with the help of his right (and left) hand man Mike Sullivan, 7 powerful “Real World” effects are explained in detail, covering the methods and routining, in order for you to add them to your magic repertoire

Price: £14.99

D Trik Presents

Early Dobson DVD Vol. 1

A selection of Wayne Dobson's classic TV performances revealed

Price: £14.99

Look No Hands - The Lecture!

Six routines of my finest commercial material.

● Featuring the SEX trick with all the gags and method - it's my original organic version of this routine (I preferred this myself).

● TOSSED DECK – every nuance included in what is still my opening routine!

● ECHO – 10 minutes of pure entertainment and laughs!

● INVISIBLE – a killer routine – have you got the balls to do the method – there is no better or safer!

● The FU#K trick – you can use any word – my most requested routine!

● 52 shades of Gray – you will baffle yourself with this one!

Price: £12.00

Wayne Dobson - The Definitive Collection


It’s here, at last, it’s taken over 3 years to complete!

This hard-backed LIMITED EDITION book contains virtually every effect Wayne has ever published, plus more. There are over 100 effects in total!

An introduction by Derren Brown

Interviews with the people who worked with Wayne throughout his career including his brother who was his PA, his glamorous assistant Linda Lusardi and his charismatic manager Leon Fisk.

Chapters on stage craft, management, consulting, TV, illusions, plans, personal letters from Prince Charles and Diana, price quotes on various illusions from John Gaughan, David Mendoza and Jim Steinmeyer.

Wayne's personal notes
A selection of press cuttings and photographs
Contributions from several of the world's top performers including Lance Burton and David Williamson
Wayne's updated life story
Lots of funny anecdotes

Limited edition signed certificate


Please note: This book is for adults only as it does contain some strong language.

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DVD Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson

DVD information:


Join your hosts Peter Nardi, Michael Sullivan & Gary Jones as they teach 10 amazingly easy to do, Hands Off routines from the devious mind of the brilliant Wayne Dobson. These are all tricks that can be performed almost completely hands free, leaving you to just stand back and take the applause!

Contents Include:

Out of my Hands - Wayne's truly hands off version of Out Of This World
The Sh#t Trick - It could be shot or shut. But it's actually Sh#t!
McDobson's Aces - There's nothing two faced about this trick!
Birthday Card - The practical DIY version of Wayne's classic
Lucky Card - The world's most stunning hands off card trick!
Mindray - Make your mind a blank... that was quick!
Sharpie 2 - The show stopping color prediction
Wayneman - Wayne's hands off version of the Joe Barry classic
Compatibility - The regular deck Anniversary Waltz
Best Friends - Tossing coins has never been this much fun!

Running time 1Hr 48 Minutes ● Worldwide Playback ● Shot in HD 1920x1080 ● Copyright RSVP Magic

View demo: Click Here


DVD Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson. £19.99

Wayne Dobson & Friends - PDF edition


Wayne Dobson’s previous book, WD40, was a huge international sell out success, and now Wayne is back with an even bigger book full of stories, articles and routines from Wayne and a star studded array of his magic friends. In the 200 large size pages, you will find 31 articles and effects contributed by 21 different performers featuring close up, mentalism and stage magic.


The contributors are:
Andy Nyman, Bill Abbott, Charlie Frye, Danny Buckler, David Regal, David Stone, David Williamson, Dirk Losander, Eugene Burger, Gregory Wilson, Hans Klok, Jeff McBride, Joe Pasquale, John Archer, Joshua Jay, Ken Brooke, Kevin James, Kozmo, Mark Mason, Max Maven, Patrick Page and of course, Wayne himself.

As well as the magic, the book features various Galleries with photos showing Wayne at work throughout his career, plus there are stories from Wayne about the top magicians he has worked with and stories about Wayne by top celebrities such as boxer Frank Bruno, Jeff Hobson, Mac King, Linda Lusardi and Paul Zerdin. The huge respect and affection with which Wayne is regarded by his peers really comes through in this wonderful collection of magic and anecdotes. As publishers of Wayne Dobson And Friends, Magicseen is delighted to be associated with Wayne's latest venture.


Price, PDF eBook edition £12.00

Marked 4 Life by Wayne Dobson - PDF edition

If you already use a marked deck all of the routines described in this book are workers and if you don’t already use a marked deck? You Should!

Wayneman: If you like the idea of a spectator shuffling a deck of cards and thinking of any number between one and 52 and you instantly name the card at the position chosen? This book is for you!

Think As I Think: If you like the idea of a spectator shuffling a deck and cutting it into two halves and you each choose a card from one half and then both you and the spectator shuffle the halves and then you find the spectators card and amazingly he then finds your card? This book is for you!

Eight stunning routines with a great contribution by one of France’s premier magicians Boris Wild!

All tricks are 100% Self Working and almost instantly reset.

A 24 page booklet with full-colour covers. £12

“The essence of a marked card gives us secret information. Of course, what we do with this information is either useless or epic. Within these pages you will find only the epic!”
Nick Einhorn


Reviewed by Ian Keable in MagicWeek.co.uk - Click Here


Price, PDF eBook edition £8.00

More Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson - PDF edition

10 more Incredible hands off routines (11 if you count the bonus trick) using Banknotes, Business Cards, Pens, Coins and of course Cards. There are also contributions from Jerry Sadowitz and Jim Steinmeyer which are both absolute gems!


Price, PDF eBook edition £10.00

Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson - PDF edition

10 Incredible Hands Off routines

The one condition I set myself in developing these routines is that effects would not be diluted just because they were 'Hands Off' – in fact, if anything, they would become stronger. Well they did become stronger, much stronger! A couple of these routines have been published before however they have now been fully updated to become totally 'Hands Off'. For instance my 'Echo' routine is fully described with complete patter and a new finish. There are also lots of new routines that are all extremely commercial.


Out Of My Hands - This is literally... Out Of This World!

The SH*T Spell - Could be shot or shut, but it's actually sh*t!

McDobson's Aces – Nothing Two Faced about this trick!

Echo - You, hilariously, teach them how to perform a card trick.

Card Trick - A selection is revealed in a truly impossible way, yet it's so easy!

Invisible - The table, deck, card and card case are invisible - they don't even see the thumb tip!

Second Chance - They'll have "no chance" to work this one out!

Birthday Card - DIY version, with modified handling, of my marketed effect.

Lucky Numbers - Both your lucky numbers are different, but they still lead to the same lucky card!

Tossed Deck - I don't toss it myself anymore, I get some ' Other Tosser' to do it for me.

Look No Hands is a 40 page soft bound book


Reviewed by Liam Montier in MagicWeek.co.uk Click Here


Look No Hands by Wayne Dobson. PDF eBook edition. £10.00

(Original printed version now sold out)

Six Masterpieces by Wayne Dobson - PDF edition

Forget The Magnificent Seven and The Famous Five, instead... prepare to encounter Six Masterpieces from the fertile mind of Wayne Dobson.

The six jaw-droppingly good routines in this book were originally destined to be either marketed, as individual tricks, or unleashed on the unsuspecting magic world in the form of, what would have had to be, a high priced DVD. However, in these times of economic uncertainty, rather than put you to all that expense... Wayne has saved you a small fortune by publishing them all in this little book, which has cost you a fraction of what just one of the tricks would have cost as a marketed item.

To do this, he has had to put his thinking cap on and adapt all six routines so that you will be able to perform them with props that you either already have, will be able to buy or can make at very little cost. My personal favourite is Once upon a Time - a routine which truly has a fairy tale ending! Wayne has cleverly built the prop for this item into the book itself.... genius!

Settle down now, fasten your safety belts, extinguish those cigarettes and enjoy the company of; Best Friends, Amnesia, Only Joking, Every Time, Perspiration and The Once upon a Time.

Stephen Tucker

ice, PDF eBook edition £8.00

WD40 by Wayne Dobson PDF version now available!

WD40 contains 40 great tricks from Wayne's own professional repertoire, and more than a quarter of them have never been published before. The tricks are real crackers and not too difficult to perform. The book also includes Wayne’s autobiography ‘Star Struck’, which charts his career from the very beginning to the present day and includes many anecdotes about his time performing in the working men’s clubs, on TV and in Las Vegas.

Available in both semi-hardback and a limited edition hardback version.

Please also note that the book is for ADULTS ONLY as it contains strong language!


WD40 - PDF version. £15.00

(This will be emailed to you following payment)

Special Effects by Wayne Dobson (PDF eBoook)

Special Effects is my latest, and I honestly believe my best book to date. Within its forty pages, you'll encounter fourteen really strong close-up and stand-up routines. All my own offerings appear here in print for the very first time, and include most of the core routines that elevated me to stardom not so many years ago.

I have stripped away virtually all the sleight-of-hand from most of the routines and presented you with a collection of tried and tested 'workers' that are very strong in effect, but equally easy to perform. As I said of one of them, "If I can do it... you DEFINITELY can!" This, I believe, is true of them all.

Along the way Stephen Tucker, who wrote the book for me, has suggested some very clever additions, tips, and ideas, and even a complete routine.

I have been absolutely amazed that, after being quite the finger-flicker myself for many years, I have been able to retain the strength of each effect, but with the absolute minimum of dexterity being required to achieve it.

There are routines with business cards, playing cards, bottles and bottle caps and even one with a silk and a borrowed packet of cigarettes.

Finally, I'd like to thank Pat Page, Steve Beam and Stephen Tucker for permission to include their three routines, and YOU for at least reading this brief book description. I hope that you are now considering buying Special Effects.

At the next convention we both attend feel free to ask me to show you something from the collection, which I'll be more than happy to do.

Wayne Dobson – 2010.


You always know how many cards have been cut off. How? Guessing? Estimating? No... guesstimating!

This one you win... ALWAYS!

Pat Page's superb routine with a regular deck of cards and a spectator.

All you use are 12 of your business cards and a few borrowed objects for this amazing demonstration of the psychic.

Three times you predict a spectator's actions!

A 'hands off' version of Any Card At Any Number.

No deck of cards, and the very first time I've ever tipped the method!

My version of Vernon’s classic routine ‘The Trick That Cannot Be Explained’

The bottle vanish routine to end them all.

A brilliant routine from Steve Beam where you find the card they thought of and, incredibly, they find the card you thought of!

Does what it says on the tin!

My opening stand-up routine for more years than I care to remember.

A six inch nail impales a signed, selection.

Special Effects PDF eBook by Wayne Dobson.


Read Ian Keable's review in MagicWeek, Click Here

Previous titles, no longer available:



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